This project was moved by our interest in taking control of our sense of touch and wanting to be able to measure the differences in the emotional and physical impact of our interactions on our daily life.


Touch is the first sense we develop as human beings. When we’re in our mother's womb, we can feel her vibrations through the amniotic fluid that surrounds us, giving us sensorial stimuli from the outside world. As social animals we have the need to communicate with others. Touch provides immediacy, but also allows us to precisely identify the intentionality lying behind any interaction. We are constantly in contact with textures, pressures and temperatures. We interact with everything that’s around us even if we don’t notice it. We don’t track touch or even stop to realise the emotional and physical impact it has on us. We started imagining how this would look like. How can our touch be collected and analysed? Is it possible to make this data tangible? We started to wonder, how are we different among us? Day by day we collected data like who touched us, where was it, how did it make us feel? This data recollection lasted for a whole month. And this is where Sensu comes in. Sensu is the visual representation of all these pieces of sensorial information.


After having processed all the data we created three different sets of pieces to represent our physical contacts. One for each day the data recollection took place, one for how it made us feel and the third one represents who we interacted with. Sensu’s simple and modular design allows an easy comparison between data, giving you the freedom to move the pieces around at you own will. This allows you to customise own data artwork.


Title: Sensu
Year: 2017
Graphic team: @luichistudio
Category: Concept, Product, AD
Photography by: Kiwi Bravo
Context: University project