The shaped project portrays how the body suffers when an individual is trying to fit in with social norms or aesthetic trends. The topic is addressed through the documentation of different experts opinion on the matter and a series of photographs that portray the inflicted pains on the body. 


This content is comprised in a book, whose elements are brought to life with a physical installation that deepens the learning experience through an auditive guide about the multiple weapons displayed that are responsible for body alterations.


The ten objects displayed in the installation where carefully selected to widen the research areas and broaden the covered fields. They are classified in three main categories: clothing, accessories and treatments. Clothing included: brassiere, thongs, tights, heels and trousers. Accessories was centred on earrings and gauges, and Products refered to tattooing ink, hair dye and foundation makeup.


The art direction was oriented upon the will to create images with an aesthetic that conveyed a sense of artificiality and unnaturality as the skin’s natural colour palette is transformed due to this image treatment, transforming the body into a canvas that captures colours and creates artificial body representations.


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Title: Shaped
Year: 2018
Awards: Ei Awards Nominee
Category: Graphic Design, UX Design, Product
Context: Final Degree Project